Project Management

What sets us apart

We know you expect

1. to be understood

Know that we are here to understand your lifestyle, your challenges, and what you want to achieve.

2. On time delivery

You count on timely delivery of your project and we make that a priority.

3. innovative solutions

You want a hassle free process where we solve difficult problems with innovative solutions.

4. accurate budgeting

You don't want surprises when it comes to money. An accurate estimate is key to a healthy budget.

5. To receive attention

You expect professional and attentive responses to your emails, phone calls and questions.

6. ongoing reporting

You want to receive ongoing reports about your project's progress.

6 essential expertises we have

Our Process

Project Scope Review

Understanding the question is half the answer. That is why we make careful observations before sharing our professional opinion all the time.

Analysis and Proposal

Once we have enough information about your project we share our estimation, timeline, and outline the scope of your project.


Depending on your project status, we can take the steps to obtain the permit and move to the design stage or jump to construction if you already have your official permit.

our squad of wizards

We are an energetic, passionate, versatile group of can-do, go-getters that thrives on new challenges and thrives to create solutions

Our team spirit is to takes ownership of the each project that lands on our desks; a satisfying result is only the one we can be proud of and not shy from putting our name on. We bank on what we are individually great at but also what we are a part of the team and yes, you are part of the team too!

Nima Ahmadi
Principal | M.ARCH, PMP
Mina Dezyanian
Project Manager | P.ENG.
Mahsa Fard
Business Development Manager
Kiana Abbasi
Project Manager | B.ARCH.
Amir Fathi
Maintenance Concierge
Masoud Javadi
Site Supervisor
Hadis Mousavi
Interior Designer
Lisa Zhang
Financial Administrator
Mohammad Firouzi
Project Manager | B.ENG, E.I.T.
BILD Award

Best Kitchen Design under 100K

National Award for Housing Excellence

Whole House Over One Million Finalist

Reno awards

Best Renovation Over 500 K Finalist

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