Reiner Residence

The renovation successfully achieves the homeowner's goals by adding essential needed space for this growing family. Specifically, there's the integration of personalized and communal spaces within the design, that allows for movement and functional zones. This is all made possible through second floor addition and back extension. 

The contemporary color palette employed fulfills the homeowner's vision in adhering to classic modern style. This renovation stands out with unique design elements: employing a contemporary color palette both inside and outside. The exterior, on this corner lot, features ACM panels, creating a distinctive wrap-around effect. The exterior design also incorporates two traditional-style dormer windows that respectfully speak to the neighborhood's past style. The “modern” and the “traditional” are blended together in this project to stand out. 

The kitchen, adorned with natural stone, serves as a focal point visible from both the front and rear entries. With ample working and prepping space, the kitchen in this renovation allows for improved circulation, and flexible ‘working' zones. 

This renovations' design concept emphasized interconnectedness and safety. The overall open space plan facilitates visibility and supervision - this is a vital design aspect for the parents who want to keep a watchful eye over their children. 


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