Re/Max Hallmark - Merton

This building was a former office of Cresford Development which was transformed into a midtown real estate branch of RE/MAX Hallmark in 2019. Our contract with the client entailed a complete build-out based on their new use and program. This project had a large scope and a tight schedule and budget. We crafted 26 offices, 4 client rooms, 2 staff lounges, 1 luxurious client lounge, an elevator to maintain accessibility for 3 floors, and dedicated washrooms for ladies and men on each floor. Our interior design services included furniture procurement, wallpaper selection, and a colour mood board. Moreover, a substantial amount of millwork was included, necessitating frequent meetings to ensure the inclusion of necessary details and coordination of delivery and installation on site. Despite the compressed timeframe, we were able to deliver and design the complete process successfully.

170 Merton St, Toronto

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